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Family owned Neighborhood Poke Restaurant

What is Poke?

 Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish, made from raw yellowfin or bigeye tuna that has been cut, seasoned and mixed with other ingredients. Poke is the Hawaiian verb meaning "to slice or cut Hawaiian poke can be made with many ingredients, but Ahi Poke is a popular variation. 

History of Poke

 Poke started as a snack or lunch made by fisherman from uncooked scraps of their catch seasoned with whatever was on hand. Originally, the fish was seasoned with sun dried sea salt. This was for seasoning as well as a means of preservation before refrigeration was an option. They might finish off the dish with some edible seaweed. This dish gained popularity, became a part of the mainstream Hawaiian life in the 1970's and they started using 'ahi tuna for its bright color and taste. Poke can be found fresh in supermarkets and restaurants across Hawaii and is largely considered a staple in the local cuisine. 

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